In the still of the night, a door creaks open – a door you’re certain is locked and bolted. If getting the chills gives you a thrill, you’re in for a treat this Halloween. Get these titles from BookXcess to keep you up by the light of the moon.

Pick up this pop-up book if the kids are hankering for some spooky fun. In this book, follow the adventure of two trick-or-treaters and their dog on Halloween night as they go in search of candy. But wait, are those cool costumes they’re wearing, or are they real skeletons? With surprises inside such as pop-up characters and movable scenes, it’s a good option for story time with the littlest bookworms.

2) SELECTED FABLES by Jean De La Fontaine
Expect a smorgasbord of fright with this collection of reimagined fables from around the world. Fables as you know them will never be the same, with tales such as “The Hare and the Tortoise” and “The Lion in Love”.

3) DAWN OF THE DREADFULS by Steve Hockensmith 
In a bucolic setting where life is simple and modest, odd happenings are turning things upside down. Suddenly, corpses are popping out from graves and disrupting the lives of the residents in the countryside. To save the world as they know it, young Elizabeth Bennett stands up to defend her home. Along the journey, two men help her with her quest, but find themselves falling for her along the way.

4) BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA by Eddie Robson 
This version of the classic horror novel enables younger readers to discover the journey of Dracula across borders to satisfy his thirst for blood. Follow a series of events that led to the death of Lucy Westenra, and witness the thrilling chase by Harker and Dr Van Helsing as they seek to destroy the vampire. Parents, make sure to put this on the bedtime reading list if your little ones are budding horror fans!

5) SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King & Owen King 
Picture a world where women can’t be disturbed from their sleep. Awakened, they turn into terrifying creatures who seek blood and murder upon sight. The creative forces of the King father-and-son team spin a tale where all women slumber in cocoons and none dare to wake them. It’s up to one man and one extraordinary woman to save the day.

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