Malaysia will be turning 61 years young this 2018 - what better time to feed our patriotic souls by brushing up on our Malaysian culture and knowledge? Thanks to Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, we can do just that as we rediscover some of our quintessential local experiences from living in the wilderness of Borneo to eating the best delicacies our tropical country has to offer.

In celebration of Independence Day and Malaysia Day, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific will be holding a Merdeka Month stunt whereby it will feature a variety of shows that were either about or shot in our beautiful country across all its channels. The Merdeka Month stunt will premiere shows every Thursday from 30 August until 16 September 2018.

Here’s what will be premiering on Thursday, 30 August 2018!

Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551) 

Surviving Borneo (Henry Golding)
Malaysian TV host, influencer and model, Henry Golding, is on a personal mission to discover his tribal roots.

A descendant of the once feared Iban tribe of Sarawak, Borneo, Henry wants to attain his ‘bejalai’, an Iban rites of passage, before he marries. In accordance with the ancient ‘bejalai’, Henry must journey to unfamiliar lands in a bid to challenge himself to acquire new knowledge and skills.

A journey which takes him from his own Iban homeland in Betong to the mountainous region of Bario home to the Kelabit Tribe, and finally into the deepest interiors of Sarawak to seek out the mysterious Penans, Borneo’s last remaining nomadic tribe.

Join Henry in this 6-part television series as he learns valuable life lessons from the tribes of Borneo, on what it takes to protect, to provide and to survive in the 21st century.

Lessons that ultimately prove Henry is capable of Surviving Borneo.

TLC (Astro Channel 707)

A Cook Abroad - Ep 5 Rachel Khoo’s Malaysia 

Cook and food writer, Rachel Khoo, heads to MAlaysia, home of her extended family to explore one of the most exciting cuisines on the planet.

From the tropical shores of a remote village, to a foraged feast deep in the jungle, Rachel travels across this multicultural country to find out whether good food can unite a nation.

On this journey of discovery Rachel will delve deep into her own family heritage. Starting in the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, she gets her first insights into Malaysian food and culture from family members she hasn’t seen since childhood.

In her Dad’s old school she meets cooks and students and begins to find out why Malaysian food is so complex. Finally in Penang, the undisputed food capital of the country, and where her family story began, Rachel discovers why Malaysia is a great place to be young, female and Muslim.

As she unpacks the multicultural culinary history of Malaysia, Rachel reveals layers of her own family history, and gains a more profound understanding of what it means to be Malaysian.

Animal Planet (Astro Channel 556) 

Mutant Planet 2 Ep 2 

Mutant Planet reveals why natures allows strange and eccentric animals and their patterns of behaviour to flourish through the miracle of natural selection. Each episode takes audiences on a journey to understand the powerful forces that create the mysteries of evolution.

The tropical island of Borneo: a strange and mysterious place of mutant creatures and planets seen nowhere else on Earth. Pygmy forest mammals, weird co-evolved partnerships between plants and animals, the world’s rarest ape and incredible gliders, occupy these 130 million years old jungles.

Discovery Asia (Astro Channel 571)

Vanishing Asia: Malaysia

Our World is going through rapid changes and constant modernisation. Yet it is also rich in tradition, history and culture. The wondrous. The astounding. The offbeat.

There are unusual activities that don’t seem to fit today’s fast-paced world. The first of the Vanishing series embark on an exploration of 7 Asian countries, their artistic culture and heritage; historic place; and natural habitats.

These are the disappearing gems taken for granted, until one day we realised they vanished forever. Before it’s too late, we capture Asia’s splendid past, present and future in arts, heritage, architecture and landscape - in spectacular 4K UHD.

A former British Colony, Malaysia is one of the economic powerhouses in Asia. Amid the ultra-modern skyscrapers in the capital city is a hundred-year-old vernacular house that is living on borrowed time.

At the exit of a busy highway sits a ramshackle workshop where hand-made cane furnishings are still being crafted the old fashion way. The few remaining craftsmen diligently keep this handicraft alive. But with no one to succeed them, the craft is quickly disappearing.

On the opposite side of town, a 150-year-old village prepares to celebrate the annual “Nine Emperor God” festival. This historic village is threatened by a proposed highway and the centuries old “Nine Emperor God” festival might become a thing of the past.

 AFC (Astro Channel 703)

Food Wars Asia S1 Ep6

Kuala Lumpur is revving up to the new phenomenon in town - Food Trucks! This food war features two of the most popular trucks in Malaysia’s capital city and they are revving up for a showdown - between the Pasta Mobsters La Famiglia, and the boys behind the wheels of Little Fat Duck.

This is a food war to end the rivalry between these two culinary motor mouths. La famiglia has an Italian mobster theme but there is nothing sinister about what they serve.

Owners Syazwan and Daniel are happy to serve pasta that you can’t refuse. It’s all home made and they believe that victory on Food Wars Asia is all about their Bonanno Bolognaise.

Little Fat Duck offer French / Italian cuisine to their hungry customers. There is nothing complicated about their menu but they definitely hit the spot in Kuala Lumpur, thanks to the efforts of Adel and this partner.

Little Fat Duck offer up their version of a bolognaise to rival the best La Famiglia. Both recipes will be judged by a Food Wars Asia panel including a celebrity guest, two highly experienced Malaysian chefs, and two superfans representing their trucks.

It’s tense, it hungry and it’s all about food, trucks and war with Michele Lean.

Jason Food Memories S1 Ep4 

From a mining cook’s venture, to its present status as a pastry icon, revisit Yee Kee in its heydey for a taste of its famed Cantonese desserts & pastries.

HGTV (Astro Channel 731)

House Hunters International S93 Ep 6 (Penang) 

A large Portland family is relocating to Penang for dad's job. Dad wants the most authentic experience possible, including a high-rise, but mom is concerned their three young kids need something that feels a little more like home.

They'll have to work together if they want to find a way to reduce the cultural gap in Penang.

House Hunters International S79 Ep3 (Mersing) 

Lauren and Vaughan love their hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, but can’t afford to have a home and family there on freelance income.

So they started looking for opportunities in Asia, where the cost of living is lower, and the currency in stronger. When Lauren got the offer to train English teachers in rural MAlaysia, the McShanes hopped on a plane to save a nest egg to ultimately afford the life they want back home.

But finding a home in Mersing isn’t easy, with no real estate agents or property listings. Luckily, Real Estate Agent Timothy Low travels over 200 miles from Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur to do the legwork and give them various options up to their western standards. Find out what’s available along with Lauren and Vaughan, when House Hunters International visits Mersing, Malaysia.

Join Discovery Networks Asia Pacific as it kickstarts our beloved country’s 61st birthday by taking you on a local journey through Malaysia!

Below are the premiere details of all the shows mentioned above:
Premiere Day/Date: Thursday, 30 August 2018 Premiere Time: 9pm (MY)


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