LIFETIME is offering delicate beauty influencer YEOH MONGCHIN a chance to do something she never thought she’d do – do SIX runs in 6 countries over 8 weeks. It seems impossible, but this rookie runner is not alone.

In each country, she’s going to meet musicians, food bloggers, fashion designers… people from all walks of life who are united by a love for running.

Each will help her in their own way to make it through this challenge, from designing the coolest leggings on the planet to curating the perfect playlist for the run to introducing her to the most delicious carb loading known to man.

With their support, MongChin hopes she will complete this challenge and inspire people everywhere to get moving! Who Runs the World with MongChin, Mondays 9.30pm.

From Big Fish Entertainment, producers of A&E’s hit series Live PD: Women on Patrol will follow female law enforcement officers from around the country including departments in Jackson (WY), Wilmington (NC), Tempe (AZ) and Stockton (CA) as well as officers featured on “Live PD.” In the twenty-episode half-hour series, viewers are provided an unfiltered and unfettered look at the female officers on the front line of some of the busiest police forces in the country as they patrol their communities. Live PD: Women on Patrol, premieres 7 August, Tuesdays to Wednesdays 10.30pm. 

Married at First Sight, Australia’s most controversial and ground-breaking social experiment, returns for its fifth and most explosive series yet. Our three expert matchmakers – relationship expert John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and relationship coach Mel Schilling – face the mammoth task of again pairing 22 brave singles, using a mix of neuroscience and psychology to try to create 11 perfect matches.

The experts put relationships to the ultimate pressure test to determine if science really can predict true love for the 10 couples who will be getting married at first sight in the new series. Married at First Sight Australia S5, premieres 7 August, Tuesdays to Wednesdays 9.05pm.

Returning for its 10th exceptional season in 2018, MasterChef Australia is set to make things bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, combining more big name international guests with bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series. MasterChef Australia S10, Mondays to Fridays 8pm. 

Other Highlights on LIFETIME (Astro Ch 709) in August includes: COCAINE GODMOTHER – Movie Premiere, 25 August, Saturday 10pm The real life of Colombian drug lord, Griselda Blanco, who reportedly masterminded more than 200 murders. This film presents her life story from the time she was a young girl to the end of her life. GRISELDA: THE GODMOTHER – Companion Special, 25 August, Saturday 9pm 

UP! PRETTY – New episodes, Mondays 10pm


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